Poker Strategy – Tight and Aggressive

One great poker strategy for all players is tight and aggressive. In a nutshell, tight and aggressive is holding out and folding most hands you are dealt and raising on good hands that are more likely to win. It’s a great though not flawless strategy but let’s take a look at tight and aggressive poker play.
Between over 150 starting and even more flop combinations, only a few combinations will add up to winning hands for players.
Most players are often dealt crappy hands you don’t know what to do with like unsuited 2 and 8. Your best bet here is to fold unless you have a great sense of intuition and know the cards that are coming out. More often than not if you play these cards you will lose. It’s also not a great strategy to get into, if you are right and win which does happen occasionally, you might start to think your intuition is on point and you’ll be disappointed later when you lose later on.
The best bet here most of the time you are dealt poor hands is to fold.

Folding poor hands is called tight. On assessment, you’re thinking “I don’t think so” and correspondingly fold. You are being tight with your chip stack.
Aggressive Play
In poker aggressive play is when you raise or re-raising hands. This is done only when you have hands that are top starting hands that lead to winning pots. An example is a high pair. In reality, intuition is often your best friend here. A pair of aces or any other pair, while good, won’t stand up to a straight or full house. Nonetheless, raising before the flop and being aggressive will more often than not lead to a winning outcome. In fact, raising is a great thing to do.
Experienced poker players know there is no sacred cow. From experience, they probably have had a pair be overshadowed by three of a kind or the rare four of a kind. Those with three of a kinds have probably lost to a higher three of kind as well ie. three of a kind 4s against three of kind kings. There is no rule that a great hand will win and many players will opt to fold than negotiate for that outcome and lose chips in the process.
Tight and aggressive poker strategy will often lead to cashing in most poker games either cash or tournaments. It’s a strategy employed by many of the top players and yields fantastic outcomes. If you aren’t doing, try the tight and aggressive strategy the next time you play.