Phil Ivey Can’t Cash in Baccarat Case

Phil Ivey won’t be getting his $10 million dollar payday from the Crockfords Casino in London afterall. The British court upheld a ruling that edge sorting is a form of cheating and he isn’t entitled to the money. Phil Ivey is one of the greatest poker players in history
The game started in 2012 with Ivey being invited to play at Crockfords. At the baccarat table, Ivey used edge sorting, a type of system where players notice flaws in the cards and bet accordingly.
Crockfords sued and didn’t pay and the case has been going since coming to this final end.
Supreme Court Judge Anthony Hughes said the integrity of Punto Banco baccarat depends on the cards being dealt at random without gamblers knowing their face value.
“What Mr. Ivey did was to stage a carefully planned and executed sting,” he said.
He said Ivey took “positive steps to fix the deck” by tricking the croupier. He said that “is inevitably cheating.”
“As a professional gambler, my integrity is everything to me,” said Ivey, who has won a number of World Series of Poker competitions.
The truth be told, it’s very rare for anyone to sue a casino and win money period. And not just Phil Ivey. Around the US, there are dozens of million dollar jackpot winners who can’t collect because they went over the payout limit on the machine. So, even if you win, you don’t. And because of the relationship most casinos have with their local governments ie taxes, jobs in stimulating the local economy, they have almost always favored the casino. It’s very hard to beat a casino in court and most of these cases were lost by the winner and won by the casino.
Maybe Phil Ivey will return to poker now this is over.